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Unavailable - Server

Removed, no interest. Found a different use for the hard drives, and will eventually be relisting the other components by piece soon


Posting this here to see if there is any interest. I consolidated my gaming HTPC and server and replaced the former with a Nexus Player using a combination of Kodi and Limelight gamestreaming.

This ends up leaving me with an extra box I'm ready to sell. It could make a server or gaming HTPC, but I'm selling it as a server and I'll do most of the backend/frontend setup on it if you like

This gives you 7TB available space in the flexraid pool using 6 of the 8 ports on the motherboard

For the *life* of this server, you can easily add another 10 HDDs to this setup (different case though) with the extra 2 sata ports and an m1015 or dell perc h200/h310 flashed to LSI firmware. Somewhere down the line you can have 1xSSD and 1xBD-rom with 14xHDDs in a flexraid parity/pool setup. That would give you 52TB if you use all 4TB drives with one parity or 48TB with 2 parity drives. By the time they are all replaced the sweet spot in HDDs may be 6 or 8 TB drives anyway.
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