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Quoted from the Samsung PN5xB650 Owner Thread that's been derailed by the endless Samsung vs Panasonic debate........"and has anyone tried any input lag tests on this tv? i saw one from earlier but i guess it wasnt setup correctly(?). Saw a couple of people that commented it was good for gaming, but since this is going to be one of my primary uses, i wanted to make sure the input lag was good on this set. (all of that scared me away from my previous favorites - samsung B lcds haha)"], Cleh19

OK, Cleh19 and others....I was wondering this same thing myself and read somewhere in this thread from various people that gaming was great and someone that said even with gaming mode off it worked great for input lag while gaming....That was very misleading...I just bought the TV myself(as gaming would be my primary use) and was vastly disappointed of it's input lag....UNTIL..... turning game mode on....it's a DRAMATIC difference!!! Night and Day. Maybe, just maybe, it was due to what game exactly people are/were playing with game mode set to off...but, I can tell you definitively that with Halo 3.....the input lag is completely unbearable in fact with game mode off....BUT with it on.....there are NO issues with input lag. That being said, game mode on LCD's that I and other's that I've experienced don't make that much difference with the input lag but as experienced above, on my new PN50B650 plasma is HUGE and game mode for at least the games and on the xbox 360 is a MUST. I am a huge fan of this TV so far...it's picture is incredible and quite a bit better than the Pansonic G10-15s that I compared it to side by side adjusting them AND on the Panasonics that I compared them to(at least on HD Cable/DTV sources).(note: the stores typically leave their display sets on the default settings in general...hence the reason why I played around adjusting them)...the Panasonics had serious motion issues with fast moving objects(faster than normal...like race cars and pro athletes running etc...) ie..it looked on the Panasonics that the fast moving objects had serious pixelation(I was up close comparing the Sets against the Samsungs). I'm surprised in all that I've read and especially reviews that NO REVIEW or person has mentioned this serious motion issue on the Panasonics compared to Samsung!!!!!!!!(I looked at 6 different G10-15 models at 3 different locations/stores)

BTW... Cinema Smooth bugs/issues for those that have read about it(unable to fix brightness appearance/noise), DO go away after switching the source on the TV back and forth with the TV on between the 24hz source and a different, say 60hz, source.(NOTE: I also put gamma to -3 which was recommended in the cinema smooth thread(because with cinema smooth on that's appears to be equal to gamma at 0) along with this recommended source switching) The unadjustable brightness issues go away and I'm playing a blu ray from my computer via HDMI on a 4870x2 video card. My guess is that this will simply be fixed with a future firmware update. Otherwise to be honest....the blu-ray motion looked fantastic without Cinema Smooth on anyways. Though now that it worked on mine after spending a little time switching sources....I feel that this TV was as close to a perfect buy as they come...The only thing I can think of to worry about for me is that , with any other current plasmas, you need to be a lot more careful when connecting it to a computer for fear of Image Retention/Burn-In(I am assuming Burn-In might be possible..some are saying with the new plasma sets Burn-In isn't going to happen...I don't think I'm willing to test that out :)

Note : One of the reasons why I'm, well, a little more passionate than average, of the Panasonic/Samsung comparisons all over the Internet/forums/reviews etc... is because from all of what I was reading I was actually set on and was buying the Panasonic based on all that I could get my hands on posted on the internet to read.....and at the last minute decided to look at the Samsung......Thank the powers that be that I did. So my advice to anyone wondering which plasma to get, don't just take my or anyone's else advice no matter what....DO A COMPARISON at a store etc in person yourself !!! Regardless of the outcome, you'll be glad you did.

All and all with the above being said....one could/should be informed of the documaker and pastorjdh and others elsewhere discussing Samsung vs. Panasonic(plus reviews etc...) however, ignore the opinions and LOOK, ADJUST and COMPARE YOURSELF! There's less reason to spend hours reading and reading about this debate before buying one or the other. When i comes down to it, it's quite ineffective to a degree when just doing a comparison yourself would at a store etc... would resolved the situation. It reminds me a little of videogame console war debates Those fanboys that buy into one or the other....end up defending/debating their decision to others....hence the "must judge for yourself" advice.
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