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I've finally completed my HT now that I got my High Power Da-Lite Screen. (WOW! what a world of difference. :D )

But back to the topic on hand. I was calibrating my NEC LT154 with AVIA and after doing there basic calibration. I went on and look at all there test patterns. I found one called:

Vertical 10 IRE Step (Gray Steps - Shows white to black in steps)

On the last two steps on the right showed two dark gray bars. Which I thought 'that is not right, the last bar should be black.'

So I decided to mess with the Gamma Correction. (Don't know why just did.) My initial setting was Natural 1 (which gives better flesh tones, according to the book). On Natural 1 both bars were dark gray. Natural 2 made the last bar darker gray. But once I put it on Natural that last bar became black.

After that I re-calibrated my projector again. Then went black to the Gray Steps. The last bar was still black.

So my thought was the I've read that a lot of you put your projector on Natural 1. If you can try the AVIA and try the the Gamma Settings and see if you get the same results as me. It might give you better blacks. Which I believe it did for me. Then maybe your blacks wont look so gray.

AVIA menu to test pattern:

Video Calibrations

->Video Test Patterns

->Gray Scale & Levels

->Gray Steps & Ramps

->Vertical 10 IRE Steps

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