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Hopefully the brain trust here can help me make a few decisions on a garage system. Grab some popcorn...

Current system:
Sony STR-1011 receiver
Sony CDP-CX220 200 disc CD player
4 Kirksaeter Monitor 101's

IT is time to upgrade this system, and I am having a hard time finding a RX with 4 channel full range (or speaker A&B/both selector)and a sub out.

Bit of backstory:
Long ago in the eighties, me & a friend visited a friend of his that I did not know. To this day I remember his system. All Adcom, with various inputs (TT, reel to reel, cassette etc.) I was blown away how this sounded. To this day I remember this system, not the specifics, mind you, but the system in general. And it was in a rack. That got me interested in listening to music in general. I have never tried to duplicate or better that system, until now.

I want to put this in my garage. That is where I spend the most time at. 32x48x10'. Although I do have plans in the very near future to go much bigger with another garage at approx 50x100'. Current garage is heated, no AC.

I know there are those that will frown, but I have been looking around at used Adcom components. I just like the component aspect of the build. I do not mind buying used (well aware of the potential issues with buying used electronics, not to mention OLD electronics) and it doesn't necessarily have to be Adcom. That is the name that I am most familiar with, but have not heard since the eighties!

I assume I will need:
inputs (cd, FM, etc.)

But right now I want to nail down the pre-amp and amps or a receiver. Purchase those first, integrate into what I have, and move on to the rest.

4 CH now (might eventually need 6 channels) + sub
component or integrated RX
audio from DirecTV music stations
CD input

Do not care for:
blue tooth

Currently I just load up on CD's, hit the random button and let it play all day. Sometimes I listen to Rock from the DTV. I would like to to the same, only with better & louder equipment. :)

1. Can anybody suggest an RX that will do the above?
2. Suggestions on a component system would be great. Under 1-1.5K budget for the components
3. Don't flame me, but I do have a hard on for Adcom, because of the above statements. Old Adcom at that...

I would like to hear your comments & suggestions!
Thank you very much in advance!
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