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Were you using the Main HDMI before?
You may want to experiment with the following settings on the Pioneer.

If you think the settings are getting to screwed up, you can look on page 137 to reset it. You may want to reset it once anyway before setting these.

On page 103, set HDMI Out to Main, and use that output.
On page 103, set 1080p -> 4K upscaling to off, and let the projector handle it
On page 113, set HDMI CEC to off if it's on. This may stop the behavior of changing to the TV input.
On page 114, set Audio TV Out to off if it's on. It may be that the Pioneer is trying to play sound through the "TV", but the Projector doesn't have speakers.
On page 114, set Audio Return Channel to off if it's on or auto. The Projector doesn't have this capability, so only bad things can happen.

If that won't get audio back, set the HDMI out to Zone 2 and use that, but that indicates a potential problem.

Not sure why but Main HDMI won't produce sound.
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