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Garage Theater Project

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Hi all

I've decided to go a bit overboard by adding a home theater system to my newly built detached garage.

What I'm working with:

24' x 31'6" Structure
9' tall walls with the ceiling going up on a 6/12 pitch to 12' (some quick sketches and pictures attached)
Walls are 2x6 filled with closed cell spray foam insulation. Ceiling will be traditional batt insulation - not sure if the type of insulation makes a difference

I've already purchased 4 pairs JBL SP-8ii in wall speakers and thinking of picking up the Yamaha Rx-V2085. Would this be a good match up? Its selling for $800 right now and i haven't been able to find anything comparable for less.
For the center channel I'm between the JBL Arena 125C, JBL Studio 520 CBK, or going to up to the Polk LSiM 704c. Thoughts here?
Using an old sub for now and putting that upgrade off to a later date.

I'm thinking my usage of the set up will be something like this - 40% music, 30% movies, 15% gaming, 15% sports

Now onto my biggest concern.... speaker placement. The ceiling design is somewhat unique with the height and angles. I've listed some of the dimensions on the sketches.

I was thinking of setting it up as a 5.1.4 with the X's on my drawing marking my initial layout. I would also be able to do 7.1.2 by putting an extra pair in the walls instead of the ceiling.
The 4 atmos speakers are labeled a1-4 on the sloped ceiling. Would there be any advantage moving them to the center flat part of the ceiling? They would be closer together and higher up but I wouldn't have to squish my insulation as much to install them.

Lastly, you'll see that my front L/R channels are basically placed directly next to the TV due to the small bathroom getting in the way of that back wall (shown on drawing). It's not in the pics but the bathroom has to go there since the plumbing is already in the concrete slab. Sucks.... but I've got to work with it. You'll also notice in the pictures I also have double windows where I'm putting the TV. We're getting fancy here and going with an 85" on motorized tracks so that I can raise/ lower over the windows. Anything I can do with the front 3 here to optimize performance?

Happy to answer any questions and thanks in advance!


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