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Garrard Z2000B help

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Just picked this Garrard Z2000B turntable
It’s in very nice shape. I need a belt and to clean the old grease off and add new grease
What do you guys think of this table ? And what’s a good cart to install on her ?

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My, that's a classic ! The tonearm was unique.
lpgear.com carries Stanton carts and styli.
Depends on your budget but a good inexpensive start would be a Grado Black or Audio Technica 95 series. ($100-150)
I need to print the manual and go though it and see just how the carts are mounted. I have about 10 complete cart setups that range from 80 up to 1k. I keep the higher priced ones packed up and out of my ruff old hands so I don’t hurt them in anyway lol
I do have a really nice denon 103 mc cart that would be a great match for that table, hopefully it will mount to it

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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