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Gateway 42' EDTV Calibration Settings

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Anyone out there that has the Gateway 42' ED that can tell me their Calibration settings for 6500D? I changed mine a long time ago and picture has been degraded every since. I know copying someone elses won't make mine perfect but I'm hoping it will get me closer to where I need to be to see a decent picture. I tryed to contact gateway about the changes I had made in the manufacturers menu and they act like they don't even know the menu exist on the set. Also wish there was a default button to push, but no no.. once tampered with thats it for this set........

Please though anyone out there with this set please post your settings...

AVI-CT 6500

RGB-CT 6500

DVI-CT 6500

To get to service menu

hold left arrow for 6 secs

hold right arrow for 6 secs

hold fav. set for 6 secs.

then use fav. set to scroll through settings..

thanks and any other info appreciated...

all I tampered with is the BIAS AND GAIN, and now having hard time getting decent picture back!!

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Comon guys give me a little help here.. I'm pulling my hair out over this... :(
see this link: I believe this member works for Gateway: try to PM him


There were some settings posted for Gateway plasmas that a search may bring up
Thanks for the reply.. I dropped him a PM hopefully he can help.. I'm in desperate need here... Just about to throw it out in the street... Just had enough!!!! thanks guys
Gateway SUX
Here are the calibration settings from my Gateway 42" EDTV (non-Ultrabright)



Gain R=42 G=3B B=37



Gain R=50 G=5B B=5A

Bias R=94 G=7C B=84


Gain R=5D G=5D B=52

Bias R=FF G=00 B=FE

Hope this helps.

BTW, there is a X=313 Y=329 value shown - what does that do ? How do you actually change the above values ?

Is there a set of commands that allow you to see how many hours the unit has been under operation, firmware, etc.

Also, my 4:3 picture is not perfectly centered on the 16:9 screen in Component. Is there any way to adjust the centering ?
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