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hi i just purchased a gateway nv53a laptop for a htpc. i wanted to built a desktop pc instead but the girlfriend wanted a laptop so to make her happy we went half on this laptop. i hooked it up to my 46 inch lcd tv and played a ripped bluray movie via a virtual bluray drive with windows media center. my complaint is that the image doesnt look as good as a stand alone bluray player. what i noticed is alot of grainy dots all over the screen in dark scenes so i tried messing with the settings in media center and catalyst control center but still i see grainy. i dunno maybe its the intergrated video card its not good enough or a htpc is not as good as a stand alone player. any advice on this issue i would really appreciate any replies to this issue

quick specs on the laptop

gateway 15 inch

cpu: phenom 2 X3 2.1 ghz

ram: 4 gb ddr3 1066

hdd: 320 gb 5400 rpms

video card: ati mobility hd 5650 deticated 1 gb ddr3
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