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Hi all,

As a partner of the Global Caché Strategic Alliance I have been working for nearly 10 years on software solutions that natively integrate this brand's units.

GCLabs is one of them. It runs on Android devices and is free of use.

It includes within the same interface, Global Caché's tools iHelp, iLearn, iConvert and iTest for GC-100-x, iTach et iTachFlex units.

GCLabs is made for both private individuals who wish to master the functioning of their units and integrators worried of configuring with a maximum of flexibility the installations of their customers.

GCLabs provides the following features:
- Discoveries of modules connected to the network
- Access to the Web setup pages
- Network configuration
- Direct configuration of the SERIAL interface
- Direct configuration of the IR interface
- Learning of the infrared codes (copy/paste available via dedicated buttons)
- Broadcast of IR codes or SERIAL commands (ASCII)
- Contact closure
- Conversion of infrared codes to RC5 format
- Unlimited access to Global Caché's database of over 130.000 IR codes
- Copy/paste feature compatible with other apps

If you have any questions, remarks or demands, feel free to contact me.

I hope you'll enjoy using GCLabs !

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