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GE Zone question

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I have one zone left on my 3106 and plan to use it for my soffit lighting (white rope light). I want to use some rope lighting under the lip of my riser. Will I regret including the riser lighting with my soffit lighting?

My plan is to leave the soffit lighting on at all times for bias lighting/ambience, but I won't know how dim it will need to be until my HT is near completion. My concern is that it the riser lighting will be too dim.

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I chose NOT to tie these two together for the exact same reason. I will want my riser lights on at all times, but still be able to dim them. I do, however intend to have the soffits off during movies; a 8 ft wide screen doesn't exactly need a bias light.
Exactly. The riser light should be on all of the time. How did you wire yours?
I have a 3106 wired as follows:

1 - Seating area track lighting

2 - Recessed cans in front of screen

3 - Wall sconces

4 - Backlit poster marquees

5 - Soffit and stage-edge rope lights

6 - Riser edge lights and seating endcap lights
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