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(A very common term in the camera world, often shortened to GAS, but not much used in audio.)

So I just got a pair of KEF Q150s. Life-changing. I didn't know it could be like this.

The KEFs replaced a pair of 10-12 year old Paradigm Studio 20s. Those speakers were real champs, but just don't compare to the KEFs.

The improvement in speakers, of course, made me think about what's driving them. Currently, that is an Arcam Solo. Circa 2005, I think. Sounds great with the KEFs. Really. Nothing to complain about. But can I do better?

I don't have a lot of money to throw around. Maybe a Yamaha receiver and similar grade CD player? NAD? ( I'm not ready for the streaming world just yet.)

I know that it's impossible to say with certainty, but what would that do to my sound? Could it possibly make as much difference as the change in speakers? The small, good-looking aspect of the Arcam is nothing to toss too aside lightly. But for significantly better sound . . .

Or am I just suffering from upgrade-itis? Help. Anyone. Please.

An afternoon of frantic research has put the Onkyo A-9010 receiver and the C-7030 CD player in the pole position, with Cambridge Audio running a close second. On Amazon, I could pick up both Onkyo pieces for just a bit over $400. A steal. But should I?

Actually, the Marantz 5500 set is looking pretty good as well. Or am I just wasting my time and I should stick with Arcam?

Won't somebody help? The Marantz is $800 for the cd/amp; the Onkyo is $500. Lots of other good stuff in between. How does it compare to the Arcam, $2,000 in its day. "Twin toroidal" power sources in the Arcam. Supposed to be a big deal; today you're lucky to get one! Somebody, anybody . . .

Do New KEFs Mean More Upgrades?
I just picked up a pair of KEF Q150s--love 'em-- and, of course, I'm questioning the rest of my system, which consists of a 2005-ish Arcam solo.

The KEFs replaced a pair of Paradigm Studio 20s of about the same vintage.

One thing I've noticed: With the KEFs, different CDs play at very different volume levels. With the Paradigms, when I changed CDs, the volume level usually stayed fairly even. With the KEFs, there is much more variation. This isn't really good or bad, but it's interesting. Are the KEFs revealing something about the Arcam?

I'm also, of course, considering upgrading. The usual suspects are on my list--Cambridge, NAD, Yamaha, Onkyo. I know that it's very early in the game, but does anyone have any experience with any of these combinations?

Finally, the Paradigms carried a little more heft in the bass. Is it possible to increase the bass through selection of amp and CD player? If so, which ones will deliver more power in the lower frequencies?

Many thanks.

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