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I can't find the original thread but I posted awhile back about my problems with loosing video signal after switching inputs and having to reboot my htpc all the time to get it back with dvi-hdmi.

I received the Geffen DVI detective and things have improved dramatically!

Not only did it fix my input switching problem(don't have to reboot my htpc anymore) but I think it has also helped with setting custom resolutions and adjusting for overscan. I swapped an x700 with an x1650 ati card and totally cleaned and removed the drivers and somehow when my system came up with the new video card it automatically adjusted for overscan. This little box is amazing. I can also now see the bios post screen when booting up whereas before it would not display.

If anyone is having strange issues with there projector or HDTV and is using DVI to HDMI I highly recommend getting this little box. The detector supports 1920x1080 and the doctor support up to 1680x1050 resolutions so buy appropriately.

This thing has made things much better for me! From my understanding it reads and passes the EDID information for the TV/projector and passes it along to the video card constantly to remedy problems.
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