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Geforce 7800gt for theaterPC?

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Hey gang,

I'm trying to do HTPC on a budget, and love the sticky. But I have the above-mentioned 7800gt available to put into a machine. Is it going to be better to use it, with a DVI->HDMI adapter, instead of buying a card with HDMI input? As I understand it, the HDMI doesn't carry audio anyway, and I am pretty sure my card is HDCP compliant.

I guess it's only a $50-$100 savings, but that's something I could spend on more storage or a faster CPU. Advice on using a 3 year old graphics card for basic HTPC duties?
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7xxx series does not have HDCP without a separate crypto-rom chip.

I have only seen a 7600GT with HDCP, and the CR chip is on the back.

The 7 series also does not have H.264 acceleration based on my memory. That's a critical feature.

7800GT is actually about 5 years old.
For a HTPC, you would be better off spending the $50 on a new gfx card than putting it towards a faster CPU.

Alternatively for video playback, the integrated gfx from either AMD (ATI 4200 on the mobo) or Intel (integrated into the chip) will smoke a 7800GT hands down.

Thanks for the replies; I will budget for a new one.
If you aren't doing Blu-ray, then you don't need HDCP. For general HTPC use, the 7800GT should be sufficient, but not ideal. It's not very power efficient and will come with a (potentially loud) fan.

There are really good deals on AMD 4550 cards. As low as $20-30. Look on techbargains.com or similar sites. If you can wait, you can find a good deal.
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