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general BTB question. The calibrator.

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I got a general question about calibration. I got "the calibrator" and "DVE".

Both of them "tells" me to put down my BTB level because I can see the bar the bar that you aint supposed to see when calibrating.

In my specific case, I got 2 different players and the epson 810 720p projector.

When I use the calibrator I have to put the BTB setting to "-5" and "-3" with DVE.

However, these settings are far lower than any of the settings I have found when searching this forum in various calibration threads with same setups.

Why does the calibrator tools put BTB setting so low , it seems to take away dark details.

When I output a black image (by using the black screen button on my projector) I can manually set the BTB setting to the point where the image doesnt get any blacker, and it is set to about the same setting as I have found in other calibration posts.

Are the calibrator tools basically worthless? Or are my eyes too good?
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