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General guidance on setup required

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I just bought a used Cine9 and I want some guidance as to screen type (for 118in), scaler and source DVD. My HT expert is advising a Faroudja 1010 and the Lexicon RT-10 DVD player with a Stewart Firhawk screen.

The PJ will be in a light controlled room but not with darkened walls. I know these are high priced machines, is it worth it or a waste? I have serious doubts about the screen as well. I would prefer non fixed.

The distance of viewing from the projector screen would be around 19ft. Is my screen size too big?

I know I am asking a lot on different areas but would welcome any thoughts.
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You absolutely positively DO NOT WANT to use a Firehawk screen.

It is designed to improve blacks for digital pj's. It is the worst screen choice possible for a CRT pj.

I would seriously question the credentials of any set up tech that would recommend this screen for use with a CRT pj.

You should use a 1.3 gain white screen such as the Stewart Studio Tech.

If you want some additional brightness, use a curved screen or My perennial favorite the Vutec Silver Star.

If darkened walls are impossible, you should seriously consider a curved screen to improve ambient light rejection.
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