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General Instruments CFT 2200 Cable Box

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I have a cable company issued cft 2200 cable box.... and a replay 3060 unit (on its second hard drive, first one went clickity clackity to its grave recently )

I love the IR blaster and all for controlling it, but for regular channel surfing, just hitting the + or - channel, its hell on the cable box, sometimes channels get mixed up, or if i go from 21 to 22 to 23, sometimes, i just get channel 2. Also, for channels 2 to 9, it takes forever, because there is no enter (well, there is, but it takes you to the "music choice" mode), so hitting 2, lets you see the previous channel you were on for about 4 seconds until the cable box updates to the new channel.

The CFT2200 cable box can use a IR blaster of its own to control channels. Is there a freaky male/male cable with no IR head that would go from IR blaster port on the replay to the IR port on the CFT2200 to maybe directly change the channel (much like the serial connector would do for a sattelite dish).

Maybe if I went to radio shack and directly hooked one up to the other that may do something? Or is the IR ports an OUT only type of situation.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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The IR blaster port on the cable box is purely output.

There are some settings that may help, though -- on the replay, go to the input setup, on the screen with the list of IR codes. Scroll to the one that works the best, and instead of hitting select, hit the ZONE button -- that'll take you to a fine tuning screen, where you can modify some settings, including (depending on the code) whether or not to send ENTER, the number of digits to send, and how long to wait between each digit and between separate commands.
My Mot cable box was working fine with the SS, then all of the sudden I had almost 100% channel changing errors. I assume they downloaded new software into it (or the SS). Anyway, after trying all the settings in the FAQ and dozens more I decided it wasn't going to work (at least be reliable enough for me, I got it to usually work but that isn't really good enough). So, I switched to the Radio Shack or X10 pyramid shaped IR remote extenders. I hooked the IR emitter from the SS to the IR receiver/RF Transmitter and relay all the SS IR to the cable box via the IR Transmitter/RF receiver. Now I get 100% clean codes to the cable box. Whatever the SS is sending, the X10 IR repeaters clean it up so the cable box can figure them out. I know others are having problems with their cable boxes, I hope a couple people will try this and see if it cleans up there IR codes too, so we know if this technique is solid or if I was just lucky.
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