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I'm sorry if the answer to this should be obvious. I've got a 6-7 year old Sony XBR 65" rear projection TV (CRT). I'm not sure the exact model number but I doubt its relevant. I've never had it professionally calibrated and always been happy with the picture. Last night suddenly the blue went out of sync with the other colors. It appears to be pushing out from the middle, meaning it's shifted to the left on the left side and to the right on the right side. The TV knows something is wrong because when I hit the auto-converge button it takes much longer than usual, and sometimes will appear to get worse (color cross hairs moving closer and farther out of sync) in the middle of the operation, which I've never seen before. Turning the television off and back on fixed the problem, but it came back within a few minutes.

I'm assuming that I need to call a repair shop, but I wanted to make sure it couldn't be a situation where the calibration somehow got messed up. I've recently added an Iomga screenplay HD to my setup, and I regularly switch it between 480p and 1080i display. I don't know if that could mess anything up but I thought it was worth mentioning since it's a recent change.

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