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General SVS sub questions

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A little about me. I recently put everything on a laptop (WMA lossless) that plays thru a Soundblaster 24 bit optical 2 channel and analog 5.1 to a Sony ES into definitive bp30 fronts and bp8 rears in a large room. Horrorshow I know, but it's so easy now. I listen to music almost completely. My hearing isn't the best anymore, especially above 10K. Music is Radiohead, Wilco, Flaming Lips, Bowie, Elbow .. you get the idea. I have no sub experience.

First question: I recently saw the response of the 10" SVS powered sub and was very impressed. I'm not looking to rattle windows or cause the neighbors to think I've become a gangsta. Just wondering if I'm looking for fidelity rather than astonishment, is it sufficient?

Second question: I have several old amps (Crown, Phase Linear, HK Citation) are any of these enough to drive the passive SVS tube subs? Do the little inexpensive amps included on the powered subs actually put out 300+ watts?

As you can tell, I date back a bit (I've owned AR 3as, still have a pair of 20 plus year old Polk SDAs that I like but have no use for, anyone remember the Rectilinear Wall of Sound?).

Do I really need clean bass down to 15Hz?

Thanks in advance,

Bill Smith
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For music only you don't need 15Hz. You also may want to entertain the option of a sealed sub.
Sealed Sub? What advantages would they provide? Can you suggest any of special interest in the
Some good questions...

The PB10 is very good for music and will definitely add detailed bottom. Whether it's enough will depend on your room size. It's not a thumper unless you want it to be, just clean bass at high SPL from 18hz.

The CS tubes offer a bit more extension and output. Your amps bridged to 250-300wpc will do the job up to spec. The more you give it the more headroom.

Even with your SDAs you'll notice an improvement, whether you prefer it or not is up to you. Some don't like a sub for 2 channel.

Do you need it? Do any of us? :)
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Originally Posted by BCS4
Sealed Sub? What advantages would they provide? Can you suggest any of special interest in the
SDA SRS's BABY!! The size of a small coffin, hey but they can still rock the house!! Still got them taking up space in the storage shed. I just couldn't bring myself to part with them. As was said above, an SVS will add on the bottom side of things VERY nicely. Try one, I promise you won't give it back!! For under a grand, you pretty much have your choice. Try the 10 or even one of the PCi models and see what you think. You have plenty of time to try it out and return it if you don't like it. Their customer service is AWESOME!! I don't think I have ever heard of someone returning an SVS because they didn't like it. When my PCi arrived I was astonished at what that thing would do. Now I have an Ultra and wonder how I'm going to steal the cash for another one!!LOL Since this post I made a promise to myself to unpack the SRS's and take them out for a walk! I don't think the wife will be happy about that!! :D
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