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I snagged a non working Genesis G-928

Info Here http://www.genesisloudspeakers.com/g928.html

Drivers are both good, each driver is a 4ohm DVC driver, wired in parallel down to 2 ohm to the amp(only running 1 voice coil on each). The problem is in the amp section. After taking my oscilloscope to the amp section the problem appears to be in the transformer. The transformer on this thing is pretty expensive so I was thinking of just rebuilding the sub and I have two ways I can do it. Figured I would get some input here and see what you all thought was the best way to do it. I can get a 8ohm Dayton DVC sub wire it to 4 ohm, cut a new hole on the front, mount the sub to the front, then mount 2 12" passive rads in the two existing sub holes on the sides, put a 500w or so plate amp on the back and just use it as a PR single 12. My other thought was to bring the other two Voice coils into play and wire them in series so it would just be a 4 ohm total load so my new plate amp can handle them. Any thoughts as what I can do, the total Volume of the existing box is around 2.2 cu. ft.

Edit: Just a FYI, I only have $60 USD in this thing so far.
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