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Hi, I am a current DTV customer with a non-genie setup. Basically I have 3 boxes right now..HR 24's (2) and another one that is a non dvr (1 tuner box). I just installed 3 new smaller TV's alongside my main tv in my family room. I ran coax, power, cat 5. I am all set on connecting the wired genie and the minis to the 4 TV's in the same room. The main goal is to have 4 different live shows (mostly sporting events) on at the same time in the same room. I only have a 4 port SWM in my smart box in laundry room. I am going to upgrade that to an 8 port SWM...because going to 16 would force me to run more lines from my roof to the smart box in the laundry room and don't feel like doing that right now.

So, my main family room will have the wired Genie connected to main TV and the 3 other TV's will get the minis. My understanding is that The Genie requires 5 tuners and when I put in the 8 port SWM I will have max of 8 available.

My garage will have a 1 tuner non dvr box and another room will have the same. Sometimes all of these will be on at the same time. That is 7 tuners at same time out of 8 possible if I understand correctly. Those 6 tv's will be on at the same time but often 3 will be playing the same game/same channel and other 3 a different game each.

Anyway, while all this is going on, would I be able to record any shows that are not currently being viewed? For example while all these tv's are on and playing different games, could I be recording Game of Thrones and Bizarre Foods in the background? Anyone have any experience or expertise regarding tuner math and this kind of setup?Appreciate any comments thanks a lot.
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