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Get Shorty Spec ed & Heat Spec ed, anything else?

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Any other suggestions besides these two for tues? Anyone? Bueller?
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let me be the first to thank everyone for responding...oh to hell with it.
Picked up both of these today. Get Shorty is still one of my favorite all time movies. Gene Hackman was great in it. It looks like at got an all new transfer so I am excited to see it. Heat is a classic also. Some great performances and one of the best shootout scenes in cinema history. I will report back when I get a chance to check them out.

I got both today, although I already had the original dvd releases, because of the extras on the 2nd discs. I also picked up Nausicaa and Hell's Angels.
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Is the video quality on Get Shorty that much better. I already have the original and don't feel compelled to buy it for the extras. If the trasfer isn't far superior I may pass. Thanks.

Video quality is slightly better the main reason I went for it is that my original disc while playable appears to be suffering from some sort of disc rot.
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