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Gettin' nowhere fast- Need Help with RTVTools. Salvaging show from RTV5k

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I am looking for some help as I am getting nowhere fast (well maybe confused on top of confusion)

I have a HardDrive from a RTV5k unit that had a problem. I have successfully used RTVExplorer (with a little luck, apparently the GUI is written to use extract_rtv.exe and I had the latest version extract_rtv5.exe that need renamed)

So RTVExplorer let me see the files on the Hard Drive and I rescued off files and Imported them into DVArchive and all seems well.

MY Problem: There are some files on the HD that the name is corrupt, they are nice named shows like the other programs that I can see on the HD.

On a lark, I tried to Copy a file to PC using RTVExplorer and it had success. I was able to watch the show using VLC.

Importing to DVA was unsuccessful (if I recall correctly something about XML file format was incorrect)

So I started to research and I think RTVTools should be able to help in some fashion to get the .evt and .ndx files RECREATED and then be able to import into DVA.

If that's true, how the hell is it accomplished? I can't seem to get my 'head around' what the documentation is trying to tell me, so I can do what I am trying to do.

Am I using RTVtools the complete wrong way? What was it's intended purpose? As I understand, part if it would take RTV mpg files and 'clean them up' so we could DVD author or otherwise manipulate the mpg to our liking.

I have and will continue to search the forums to see if I can grasp the concept, just thought I'd put this out there to see if the community can help shed some light.

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RTVTools is just a front end for Extract_RTV5 - you can get the job done using the tool directly from a DOS prompt (i.e. click Start, Run, and enter "command"). Here are verbatim notes on using extract_rtv5 from the author:

Because the shows themselves and the show description information are kept in different disk partitions, it isn't currently possible to perform getting all the shows with the XML files in a single command line operation. I have posted this to AVSForum a couple of times (there seems to be more activity there with wanting to recover crashed or erased hard drives). The first command line, which is for getting every show possible off of the drive, is "extract_rtv5 -p2 -e". I think the -e alone option also defaults to -p2, but I am showing it for clarity. If you want to also extract deleted shows, then you use "extract_rtv5 -p2 -ur" to recover all deleted files from the shows partition. I think this one also defaults to -p2 as well...

The option for creating the description XML files is some form of dx. All of the d options default to -p1. A basic command line for creating all the XML files would be "extract_rtv5 -p1 -dx". If you had problems with the directory where the file descriptions are stored, then you could use "extract_rtv5 -p1 -dsx" to attempt to create the XML files using the snapshot file. The snapshot file is the same file that WiRNS uses to get all the information about a Replay. If the drive had been erased, then you could try "extract_rtv5 -p1 -udx" to try to find erased show description files, or "extract_rtv5 -p1 -udsx" to try to find erased snapshot files...

On a perfectly functional hard drive you would simply run:

"extract_rtv5 -p2 -e"

followed by:

"extract_rtv5 -p1 -dx"

If you had other problems, then you would try the other combinations that I listed above...
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I am looking just for the rtvconvert.exe program so I can use the rtvconvert admin utility. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the windows binary?

Does anyone know where I can get it. I downloaded the RTVTools but its not there.


Tom Bishop
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