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Getting 5.1 Surround from STB or of TV from D-IN on BT190

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I noticed in the settings that the Surround options for the TV/iPod/etc is 2-Channel source but a STB is a multi-channel source.  So is the D-in ONLY a 2-channel source input regardless of the item connected to it?  I would like to connect the STB and get 5.1 decoding from that but it does not appear possible from the manual?


Can someone verify that the D-In is 2-channel Source only?  I know other units have the HDMI inputs which I assume would then fully decode 5.1 from the HDMI source directly, but optical does carry multi-channel so it's odd that it's only listed in the surround options as a 2-channel source. 


Also I have a Panasonic TV with Optical out, and the same question applies, that optical should be multi-channel out from the Panasonic TV, but can the BT190 only take it as a 2-Channel input?


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Panasonic HTIBs can usually decode DD 5.1 from external sources, but not DTS. Panasonic TVs will output DD 5.1 from sources they acquire themselves, but not from HDMI inputs.

So would it be best with multiple sources coming into that single optical to use an HDMI switcher WITH an optical out so all sources can provide 5.1 instead of 2-channel?  This was installed into an RV by a dealer and I want to add an STB/AppleTV/ChromeCast and use the optical out of the TV to all get 5.1 in the coach from the BT190.  Trying to determine the best setup.  I have an HDMI switch, but that's just video.  I tried a mono-price HDMI with optical switch but the splitters on the backend did not like the video signal.


Sounds like sourcing HDMI/optical from each source to the BT190 is the best bet and setting it to the STB settings in the manual?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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