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Hey fellow AVS'rs!

Okay, so I guess you've seen this before, but I've got a major ir interference problem coming from LG 62" plasma, that's pretty much rendering every ir remote useless when there's a bright screen.

My components are all in a cabinet on thr opposite site of the room, behind glass, but facing the TV. I had to do this because of the room layout in my new apt. In my old apt I could put my cabinet next to the TV and it was never an issue.

Originally thinking the only problem I'd encounter was getting around having to "aim back" with my remote to control the receiver, Fios box, etc., so I go a radio shack remote extender and placed the receiver and transmitter on the tv, targeted right at the component cabinet. - works perfectly during dark scenes of movies.

Basically when I'm in a bright menu or have a bright scene on tv, this stuff is useless and I have to stand up and aim the remote directly at the equipment. The light on the extender's receiver is also lit up bright.

I've been on various forums that allude to using painters tape or some such, or that say I should find a shielded remote extender; none of this advice was really clear on how to implement; I understand there's also some way take apart thre extender unit and tape up some of the insides or rearrange them or something....?.. Anyone ever heard of this.

This might not be the section for it, but another problem I'm trying to get around is HDMI length. I've got a 50 ft cord I bought really cheap on eBay, but still need to cover no less than 35' for the cord that goes to the TV. I'm noticing I'm not getting 1080P in a lot of places where I should, and voice/lip sync seems to be a little off.

Anyone seen any really good ways that either this interference or hdmi length issue were taken care of?

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback anyone could provide!


- Phil

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The easiest way is to use an RF universal remote.

On the budget side there is the URC RF-20/MRF100 remote/base combination that can usually be had for under $100, the Acoustic Research XSight ( discontinued, but still available and cheap ),and the Next Generation remote extender ( which uses a battery replacement as the transmitter )

In the middle is the Harmony 900 and the URC MX450/MRF260. Both in the $300 price range.

If you already have an iOS or Android device, and a home WiFi network, one option is iRule and a Global Cache iTachIR. The combination software / hardware would be under $150.

All of the above have dedicated threads here in the remote control area. Personally, I use an MX450/MRF260, iRule/iTach, and older Harmony 890. for the various setups we have.

In all cases, the RF base station would be housed in your equipment cabinet, and you would use stick-on IR emitters onto the individual pieces of gear. You would also have to cover the glass. All of the above, except for the iRule/iTach, would also allow you to blast IR from the remote itself to control your TV. In the case of the iRule/iTach, you would either have to run an IR emitter extension up to the tv ( inexpensive 1/8" headphone extension cable ), or, purchase a 2nd iTach for the TV.

With HDMI, for a run that length you should use a good cable, preferably 22AWG. Also, if you only need 35', get a 35' cable rather than a 50' cable. Monoprice has good quality 22AWG cables for under $40 for 35'.

Hope this helps,

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