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getting comcast hd: suggestions?

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well, i signed up for 6months of comcast hispeed internet and i have comcast digital cable right now (no HD). anyway, i just want the basic hd stuff for the extra $5 (i pay like $25 or so for basic digital right now). anyway, i'm trying to decide whether or not to get a dvr. most likely i'll get one and try it out for a little but i have a couple questions:

1. what will give me a better picture: the box with dvr, or the non-dvr box?

2. willl they charge me install fees to go from sd to hd box? or if i get a dvr, then decide i don't want it (to save $10), will they charge me an install fee to change?

3. how should i connect the box to my pj? i'm assuming component?

anyway, i live in boulder, co and i will be viewing on my infocus 4805. i'll be running a bare cable to the other tv in the house: a basic sd crt in the bedroom; to get the basic analog stuff to that tv, but i imagine that's unimportant.

i really don't watch a lot of tv, but it would be nice to catch a couple hd shows once in awhile; i really doubt i'll be watching much sd on my pj.

anyway, most interested in what sort of set top box (dvr or not) will give me the best picture; if i should ask for a specific model box maybe? and how to connect it to my pj? my dvdplayer will be connected to the pj via component (with 480i), and the m1 input will be occupied by my xbox360. basically, i'm guessing i'll just reach back and switch inputs depending on what i want to watch, no big deal. would it be better to use the dvi or hdmi from the box to my pj? i'm not even sure how i'd do that considering that the xbox cable is vga. is it possible to run a vga signal through a dvi-d cable? switching inputs at the pj would be rather a pain as it is ceiling mounted
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The basic HD box is fine unless you want to be able to record programs. There's shouldn't be any difference in picture quality between either box. In our area, the phaseIII motorola boxes are the latest and have HMDI and component outputs. If you can do HDMI or DVI from the HD box to the projector, that would be good. If not, component should be fine.

BTW, I went and picked up my HD receiver. It's still to pay for a service call/installation. Pick up the box, hook it up and call them to activate it. Pretty simple.
1 - For HD, they should be the same, for SD digital they should be the same and for SD analog it depends on how good the tuner is in the box.

2 - Ask them.

3 - Your projector doesn't do anything over 480p, getting HD won't hurt because it will give you great source material but it can't display HD resolutions. You can hook it up via component, DVI or HDMI, whatever is easiest.
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