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I am setting up my first true home theater and am so confused. I originally planned on getting the sonos playbar, sub and two play 3s to do there surround sounds setup, but it only has an optical in, nothing else, so that means I couldnt get surround from anything but the tv antenna, everything else would end up as 2.1? or is there a workaround? my setup is as follows:

Wii U


Mac Mini (HDMI)

I already bought the sonos system, but havent opened it and am not thinking about returning it. The wireless aspect is really important, but now I am looking at the PHILIPS FIDELIO HTL9100 as it has HDMI in but I am still confused on how I can get this all setup and working with everything being in 5.1?? Any help. The TV I am currently looking at getting is the VIZIO M401i which has 3 hdmi ports. thanks
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