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Getting "NO SIGNAL" using multiple HDMI sources with Mits HD1000U

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I have just upgraded from and IN72 to an Mitsubishi HD1000U.

I am using a powered HDMI switching box to move between 3 sources:

1) Toshiba HD-XA2 Player (set to 720p output)

2) Sony BDP-S1 Blu ray player (set to 720p output)

3) Sony multi-disc DVD Player w/ HDMI out

When I first installed the HD1000U, I was able to demo the HD DVD material on the XA2 with no issues. Then I switched to demo the Blu Ray material also with no issues.

Since then, I have not been able to get output from the XA2. When I switch to it, I get "NO SIGNAL" on the screen. Yet, I am able to switch to the BDP-S1 everytime with absolutely no issues. I am also not getting any output from the standard DVD Player but I am less concerned about that right now.

Any ideas on why I am no longer able to get a signal from the XA2? I am using the same HDMI cable as the BDP-S1. I never had any issues switching with the In72 so I am wondering if there is a setting in the HD1000U that I am not noticing.

Thanks for any help out there.
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