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Getting Pb2 Plus Tommorow

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What Should I expect Well Actually Im Ordering it first thing tommorow. Will I need Any Thing Extra To Use it? Also will i need a good reciever to use it? Right now im running a pretty crappy reciever in my HT. It like a 200 dollars kenwood thats like 5 years old. It has Dts and DD but i think im going to upgrade soon. What should be the first movie I should use with this sub? How long will it take to ship? wheres the best location for this sub?
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Well, it is self-powered, so you are okay there. It's considered "corner loaded" within a few feet of a corner (from the manual). And that's good. The web site says 10 - 12 days, and it takes a few days to travel by truck. Of course, mine was over the LONG Thanksgiving weekend. Once it ships you'll get a tracking number and you can follow its pit stops. Have a buddy with you when it arrives. It's 150 lb. shipping weight! The driver will probably only unload it from the truck. Note any damage (by writing it down on the shipping receipt) to the box before signing off on it. However, it would take a forklift ramming to even dent the thing, I think. It's solid.

Nemo (whale, sub, Darla tapping)

I personally like the Hornburg Horn blasting near the end of Two Towers. Also the Gandalf/Balrog drop in DTS. The second time the Balrog hits the wall and then Gandalf grabs his horn. Also the Black Gate clanging shut is pretty deep.

We have ours with ports plugged and tuned to 16 hz because we have a medium sized theater. The whole upstairs floor shakes in those scenes. :) The couch shakes, the loveseat shakes, and we're on a concrete slab down there, too. :)

And yes, I like to turn it on with music, too. When the signal stops, so does the bass. No rumbling on for no reason.

My husband is in charge of all the cables and he did get a dedicated subwoofer cable.
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Hello Polkrm7200,

Set up of the PB-2 models can take a few more minutes because of the three extension points (25,02,16hz) you can experiment with and the 0-180 continuous phase control. A simple 0/180 degree phase switch on a subwoofer doesn't really allow enough flexibility to optimize the unit in most rooms...so while the 0-180 continuous control can take longer to get *just right*...the end result is worth it. Corners tend to work well for subwoofers, perferably corners near the key seating positions. Finding a good spot for the subwoofer, setting the system calibration with a SPL meter, and then experimenting with the extension points and the phase control will be key in optimizing the SVS performance.

Please email me with the details of your room layout at

[email protected]

and we can figure out what subwoofer positions/settings should work best for you.

Tom V.

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