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Getting ready for subscription model

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my 4/30 nightly update set a whole slew of new registry settings -- anybody else with easy access to their registry want to see if they got these too?

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth Activated 1

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth Registered 0

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth RegisteredMyReplayTV 1

are the first three. The file /name/system/user/Setup/SAMessage was also written, with a "By registering".... message, and two registry settings were set with magic numbers (one 128-bit hex, one 1088-bit hex; an md5hash and a public key signature?)
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If they are looking at putting Monthly fee stuff into pre 4500 software I will be pissed!
My guess is that they are using the same servers for all units, so they have to update all the old units so that when they connect to the servers, they tell the server that they have a paid subscription. It makes sense that they would need a technical change along these lines. This in no way indicates to me that they're going to charge me for my updates.

On the other hand, this does indicate to me that they're getting really close to releasing the new boxes, at least for beta testers. (I would love to be one of those testers...)
That is a good guess, ReplayPatrick said that the 4000 series will get the 4500 series software, so it will have a fee based functionality. For the 4000 series units, that will just be set to paid or whatever the binary eq of that is.
Originally posted by Ralf the Dog
If they are looking at putting Monthly fee stuff into pre 4500 software I will be pissed!
replaypatrick said in this thread that the lifetime subscription for all existing units (2000's, 3000's, 4000's & SS's) will not change - they are not going to suddenly start hitting existing customers up for $10/month
Originally posted by jtl
my 4/30 nightly update set a whole slew of new registry settings...
What are the others of interest?

Are you starting a TWiki section on it? Well or maybe not... :eek:
The Showstoppers are an interesting case because ReplayTV is under license to provide an EPG although not to support them. That's Panasonic's responsibility.
Are you sure those aren't just registry entries for myreplaytv.com?
Others set in the same batch include:

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Eff 0

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Exp 0

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Auth 1

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Eff 0

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Exp 0

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Auth 1

Yeah, I'm sure those aren't just for myreplaytv.com.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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