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...I've got 2 pc's linked with a wired (non wireless) router in one room and a 42" TV and a WD HD TV in the other.... All works well and I just plug/unplug a WD Passport for easy file transfer between the 2 rooms...

I've just tried connecting one of the PC's with a long D-Sub cable to my TV (D-Sub to D-Sub)and can get a good picture of the PC screen (YouTube and stuff) on my TV - a mini-jack sound cable also transfers sound...

Bearing in mind that the PC's only have a DSUB out (no SVideo or HDMI) how can I get rid of the 2 wires ?

Is there a wirelss transmitter system/gadget that will plug into one of the router ports (2 in use - 2 spare) and a receiver for the TV that will allow wireless transmission... or perhaps a USB transmitter from the PC ??
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