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Hello, I'm not sure if this is th ebest subforum for this, but I figured it's a good place to start.

I'm having some problems getting more than stereo out of my laptop over HDMI.

My source is a blu-ray of Life of Pi that I ripped to my laptop.

My laptop comes with RealTek HD audio, and I'm plugging my laptop into my Denon 1613 receiver via HDMI.

When I try toggling the sound mixer settings, I only see Stereo, MultiCH in, Mono, Virtual Surround, etc When I switch to the "Direct" setting (what i typically use when watching a Blu-Ray from my Samsung BD Player), it still just gives stereo, some I'm thinking this is a source problem from my laptop.

Thanks for any tips/suggestions

P.S. Update, when I go to the Windows 8 sound control settings and I right click on the DENON-AVAMP and I test the sounds, I get sound properly from all 5 speakers and the sub...but the movies are still playing 2.0 while watching the movie.? Also, in the RealTek HD App, it does not allow me to select a speaker configuration, it's greyed out with stereo selected.
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