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Well I have been out of the home theater scene for awhile. After selling off all my gear almost 10 years ago I have decided to modestly get back into the game. I have been using a Sony Ct-350 sound bar for the last couple of years or so and while its a fantastic piece for what it is intended to do it has never given me the movie experience that I have missed from the days past. My previous gear was a system built around an HK receiver and Polk RTi70's and an SVS sub. While the system I am stringing together will in no way compete with my former system, I am anxiously anticipating to be thrilled at the improvement over my sound bar.

Today I ordered a Yamaha rx-v567 and Martin Logan MTL-1 speakers. I have read very little about the speakers but am more than certain they will fill a much needed hole I have felt for sometime. I can only imagine at the same time it will begin the upgrade bug to bigger and better as time goes on. I figure the little 8" Logan sub will be the first thing replaced and onward and upward from there.

Anyway I am looking forward to getting my self back to the deep end of the pool soon. Make room ......
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