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Getting VGA into a Sony KV-36HS500

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So I'm picking up the KV-36HS500 on the cheap for a retro game TV. Really want to get my Dreamcast plugged into it via VGA. TV has no VGA input. Has DVI and componet. The DVI port has a DVI-D so as I understand it a VGA cable to DVI won't work. A few people also reported that the converter boxes from VGA to digital has not worked for them. So that leaves a VGA to componet converter. Any recommendations on one or a work around for my problem? Thanks!
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I presume a Crescendo TC1600 would do what you want. Pricy piece of kit though.

A VGA to HDMI converter would be cheaper but I have doubts about how well that would work in your case.

I think Philips made HD CRT TVs with VGA input.

Well the price was too good to pass up. Looks great so far but only had Dreamcast into it with Svideo. I got a VGA to Component trans-coder coming today. See how this bad boy looks in 480P (if it works)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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