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I have a Sharp XG-V10WE projector which uses two lamps and changeable lenses. I'm experiencing image ghosting which seems to affect R, G and B channels evenly. It's seems like the whole picture was duplicated and moved 12 pixels to the left. No vertical displacement seems to occur. I hope the following images will illustrate the situation:


They're taken with a cell phone, which seems to underrate the issue, for example the effect is clearly seen in the menus too. The ghost's color in the sharp.jpg looks quite red, though, in reality it's not: it's gray. Or at least that's how it looks like to my eye.

I used the device's internal images to rule out the possibility of bad cables. You can see the projector's optical unit in jinot.org/sharp/optics.pdf .

First I thought the effect was caused by a mismatch in the two lamps' optical axles, but I couldn't get any visible difference by tilting the lamps back and forth.

Any ideas how to fix this or what could be causing the ghosting?
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