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Trying to get some shows off my ReplayTV 4080, DVArchive starts but the DVR "crashes" (at least seems to lose IP connectivity) before the downloads finish.

I popped the drive out to run extract_rtv (v 16 under W2K). I was using the "extract" Windows GUI, it bombed out with "Run-time error '62': Input past end of file".

I tried running extract_rtv manually, it says all partitions pass integrity checks.

When I pull a directory with -d or -dv, I get a listing, but it's garbled. From fragments of text, it sure LOOKS like my drive, though. I tried to extract one file that was in the directory, got:


C:\\Program Files\\Extract>extract_rtv -e 909259520.mpg

This looks like a ReplayTV 4000 series drive!

Enabling the byte-reversing code

ReplayTV drive detected: \\\\.\\PhysicalDrive1

Couldn't find the file '909259520.mpg'


Here's a sample of the verbose directory listing:



=¶G> a

Source: nd, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert ()

Recorded: Tue Jun 12 23:28:18 2007

9524570 minutes at Quality 543712609 - Show type 1986359923


ko Aylesworth, Michelle Forbes


Source: Michelle interrogates Syed Ali. ( father is dead; Michelle interrogates Syed Ali.)

Recorded: Thu Dec 07 19:41:00 2023

5 minutes at Quality 4942189 - Show type 1768384628


n Jerald, Sarah Wynter

Reiko Aylesworth, Michelle Forbes, Alan Dale

Source: the Cyprus audio tape. (The truth about the Cyprus audio tape.)

Recorded: Mon Mar 17 00:32:01 2031

0 minutes at Quality 248 - Show type 3941632



Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert

Source: 00 - 2:00AM (-24)

Recorded: Thu Oct 24 18:56:43 2030

0 minutes at Quality 272 - Show type 4


Help! Any ideas?
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