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I'm shopping for my sister-in-law and thinking about getting her a set of great headphones for Christmas. I don't use headphones, so have nothing to go off of.

She is an opera singer and is in graduate school studying to be a choral conductor/director. Therefore, she will be listening to a lot of classical and choral pieces on these. From an equipment standpoint, she has a mac laptop, an ipod, and a bose sound dock (I didn't get that for her). I don't think she has a receiver or other amp/speaker set up. I would guess that she also uses equipment at school (library or music listening rooms).

My budget is between $50 and $100 and trying to stay in the middle of that range, not go straight to $99.99 if i don't have to

Doing my own uneducated shopping, I found the Koss Pro-4AA which looked good and solid and has great reviews. I also like that it seems like a model that has been around for decades - there must be a reason, right? I also looked at the Shure SRH 440.

Suggestions? Please don't come at me with "For just $30/$50/$10 more you could get." I've got a lot of people on my list and I'm already going higher for her than most of the other people on my list.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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