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give me your opinion on speakers

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this is my first posting on this forum. I am also a newb on HT, I have been listening for the last month to varius speakers. so far I have auditioned the REVEL F30 it was not to my liking to boomy on the base, the paradigm studio 100 V2,was ok but I felt it was missing something ( I have no idea what).PSB T5 to me sounded like the paradigm. the one speaker I did like was the Legacy signature 3. the legacy goes for about 4500. my question and problem is to all you more experianced folks on this forum for the money what other brands should I be looking at that to you sound as good or better then the Legacy. Please no DYI speakers.

here is some information on what I have.

50in mitsubishi RPTV

pioneer LSDP

panasonic DVDP

Integra DTR 7.3

room size 20x20x8
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i would also consider VMPS audio [the new RM30], the new ref 3 from www.********** [not sure if its on their site]

and www.dynaudiousa.com ,

these are just suggestions. you owe yourself an audition.

and yes.... www.audioc.com

confused? its never easy. its never over. and it's NEVER going to be cheap !! :D:D
I'd also recommend auditioning Sonus Faber. For quite a while I had Paradigm Reference Studio 20's all around (with a Velodyng HGS-15 sub). When I decided to upgrade the Studio 20's, I auditioned the Paradigm Studio 60/100, B&K 804/805, Dynaudio Contour, Vienna Acoustics Bach and Mozart, and Sonus Faber. I found that The Sonus Faber Grand Pianos had the sound that I was looking for. But bear in mind that I was auditioning for music; the home theater part of the equation is important, but music is my priority (mostly jazz).

Good luck in your auditions.
I would try stuff from Meadowlark, Thiel and Vandersteen in your price range.
has anyone heard of coincident speakers. I tried to post a link but I was not allowed. board rule I dont have enough post yet.

Some nice B&W's available at your price point
thanks to all that have replied.

the wife actually wanted to go with and listen to some speakers today( a Bonus in my book) :D . We listened to the Monitor audio GR60. we both found them to be very crisp on the vocals and base, what most impressed us is the imaging. it sounded like Floyd was playing live with us in the room. we also listened to the B&W 703 we found them not to be as clear as the Monitor Audio GR60. the B&W was laid back in our opinion. this weekend I will also be auditioning the rocket 750's at a local forum member home that is gracious enough to let a stranger into his house( hope they sound close to the GR60), and also to the Meadowlarks. I will try to give my opinion on what I like and don't like to the best of my ability.
Please don't forget to update this thread with your thoughts on the 750's... I'm strongly considering them for my HT :)!
Ok, my $0.02 worth ;-). I've heard many of the speakers mentioned by others and they are all really good. But, I thought I'd add Magnepan to the mix. I know, I know, pricey, but some of the lower end ones are nice (they need a BIG amp though and a sub for sure), but I really like their sound. Smooth, clear and open.

Just an observation - if you find the B&W 703s "laid back" I don't think the Rocket 750s will be to your liking.

You might want to see if you can find a Paradigm dealer that has the new Signature Series in stock. They are, IMHO, big step up from the Studio series. The S8's are about $1500 above the $4500 you stated in your original post but the S4's are about $1600 less. I own Studio 40's and found that the Signature S4's image much better and have a very good soundstage. Just my .02.
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