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I've got most aspects of what I intend to do in my theater nailed down. When it comes to sound-- well, I've got some ideas, but am finding it difficult sifting through the wealth of info here. So I thought if I asked really nicely and gave enough info about my room-- i just might have MORE of a clue.

Room dimensions are roughly 21 ft x 15 ft ... My LCRs and Subs will be behind an AT screen.

I already mentioned that I'm looking to go 7.1.

I originally started out thinking

Denon AVR-2313

3 Klipsch RF-62s up front


4 RS-52's in the back.

I was talking to another gentleman who recently had a chance to visit my room and his recommendation was to choose something other than klipsch (.. recommended B&W speakers and a NAD receiver).

I know very little about B&W, though it seems people either love or hate 'em (not sure specifically why), and I've always heard really good things about NAD. So I started lurking around the speaker/receiver forums and the Emotiva UMC-200 looks pretty nice... would I normally pair that with UPA-700? Seems like this combo can be had for a little over $1100 which would leave another 3-3.5k for speakers?

Is this overkill for a 21' x 15' room? I really don't need all the bells/whistles that come with the other combo receivers. My theater will serve a single purpose: Movies. I won't be switching sources (i intend to purchase an oppo player... that will be the only source feeding the room). I will be going with an A-lens setup and thus likely to consider an lumagen later down the road-- not sure if that impacts my purchasing options either.

Also, once the whole room is completed and equipment is installed I plan on having a professional calibrator fine-tune the video as well as the audio. Though, i'm not sure what the cost of an audio calibrator even is at this point.
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