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Hello all, I'm in the market for a 50-55" 1-2k LED TV and after reading through CNET reviews and various AVS threads over the past week have arrived upon a small list that sound interesting. In order of my interest and why:

Sony HX850 - $2000, best picture

LG LM7600 - $1200 (Fry's sale until tomorrow)

Sony EX645 - $1000, no 3d but sounds like solid cheaper option

Samsung UNES6500 - $1500, popular

Sharp LE640U, $1000, supposed to have nice matte screen, stutter with 1080p/24 sources though

I popped over to Fry's tonight to take a look at some in person. This'll be my first legit HDTV and they all look amazing to the untrained eye I must say I've probably been pickier than I need to be focusing on PQ, dimming, spots, black levels, uniformity, etc. when it looks like glare might be the one issue that trumps them all in my opinion.
I thought viewing angle might be another thing that would bother me but they all seem fine. Glare I can see being a big issue though. Some of those guys are like staring into a mirror!

Unfortunately they didn't have the HX850. Is anyone familiar with it's glare compared to the HX750 or HX950? I'm assuming it's as reflective as the HX950 because they both use Gorilla Glass? There seem to be 3 types of surfaces used: glossy and reflections are super sharp, glossyish and reflections are soft and more ignorable, and matte (with very muddled reflections). Does the HX850 fall into the middle category?

No LE640U either. I got the impression from reviews that this might be the best for no reflections.

I did notice the EX645 seemed to be the least reflective of the ones I saw. The LM7600 seemed to be the most. The ES6500 sat in the middle. This was also hard because Fry's has a darker show room. I'll probably try to pop over to Best Buy tomorrow to see if they have a brighter showroom.

If anyone has compared glare between any of these models I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also about glare in general. Should I be such a stickler about this? I'll be sitting 6 feet from it in a brightish room with one window behind me and one to the left of me but usage during those times will probably be less frequent than darker times so maybe I can live with it?

Thanks much for any input you guys have and feel free to suggest any models I should be considering but aren't.
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