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I know some people care about this and it was one of the requirements in me picking my TV. Just wanted to list in order of which TV had the most reflectivity... I'll use a very subjective scale of 1-10 to give relative difference that I experienced:

LG PK550 (2) -> Panasonic S2 (6) -> Samsung C550 (8) -> Panasonic GT25 (~8.5?)

The LG was almost like staring in a mirror. The S2 was decent, but reflected more than I liked. The C550 was very tame and the GT25 looked like it edged out the C550 somewhat, but it was also facing away from all the brightest lights unlike the rest of he sets, so it was hard to tell. It's probably a toss-up between the last two. I didn't spend too much time looking at the GT25 since it was not available in the size I'm looking for anyway. I just know the S2 is always compared to C550 and I can tell you the C550 has a much better filter.

The test Bluray was pretty much like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfdMo4b0U_Y with a lot of beautiful black/contrasty scenes. I played the same Bluray on all of them noting how much the store lights or other TV's reflected and ruined the overall viewing experience where you see the reflection rather than the content.

Hope this helps some of you in your decision making process.
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