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Hello. New here looking for a possible answer. I just got a Sharp LC-52LE820UN today. I had a 37" Sharp Aquos LC37d43U and had absolutely no glare issues. The glare on the new Sharp isn't all that bad but just one of those things that you know it's there and it bugs you a bit. I know there are screen protectors for $100+ but was wondering if there are any special spray or wipes.

I googled and found some "As seen on TV" glare coating but read some horror stories and decided against even thinking about it. One thing that popped in my head was Rain-X to help reduce the glare, but am wondering if the glass has some special coating on the outside that it would deteriorate. I can live with it seeing as it's not that bad, but is there anything like I am describing that would help? Like the anti-fog sprays for windows.

I saw the similar threads when I was creating this one and they are a over a year old and am wondering if anything else has hit the market.
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