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glass beaded vs video spectra 1.5

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As a temporary solution, I have a tripod-mounted glass-beaded da-lite screen. The previous owner says it has a gain of 2.0. It is 70x70, and looks pretty darn good when driven by my NEC vt540 at 1000 lumens.

But it's only temporary, so I am shopping for a pull-down screen. (A fixed screen is not an option). I'm considering dropping down to the Video Spectra 1.5 because in certain scenes I can see the screen texture on my glass-beaded screen. I have to go mail order because there is no place in town that I can demo these screens. I've tried to read everything I can about these screens on the internet, but before I make the purchase, do you guys think this screen will work for me?

Here's the video spectra:


There is also a matte white screen - I assume this has a gain of 1.0? I'm afraid to drop down to 1.0 gain because the walls/carpet of my HT are all white and I can't change that, so I worry that ambient light will be a problem. Please tell me if the matte white has such a superior picture to the 1.5/2.0, and I'll consider it. I've done the foot-lambert calcs and I come up with:

(lumens * gain)/ square feet

1000 * 2/ 32.5 = ~60 fl


1000 * 1.5/32.5 = ~ 45 fl


1000 * 1/32.5 = ~ 30 fl

Is 30 fl too dim? Anything else I should be considering.


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Model B has wave issue which would be made worse with any high gain screen.

A Deluxe Model B might be a better choice(It is sort of like an upside down tripod screen, as far as the way it is tensioned,) but it might create waves in other ways, since the tension point(the part of the saddle where the tension point are riveted to) does not go all the way edge. And with da-lite's poor QA, it is random luck whether you get a very wavy or not so wavy screen.

If you can control the ambient light in the room(meaning mostly light from windows) then 30fl is not too dim.

Glass beaded is very high maintainence and is not good for the long run.
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