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Globalmart experience

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Just thought I would tell you all of my experience with Globalmart.com with regards to the SatC kit for Showtime, etc.

According to their website, the status on my order was that it was shipped as of last Wednesday the 24th. I pressed them for a UPS tracking number as it has still not arrived. When they finally gave me the number, UPS site shows it wasn't shipped until yesterday afternoon May 2.

I can understand a backorder situation, etc, and would have completely understood if that were the case, but they had already charged my credit card last week and indicated on their website that it was shipped. So, the moral of the story is to make sure you press them for details like a tracking number and to be wary of their own website's listing of status. And, no one should be charged until the item is shipped.

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I've always regarded gear to not be shipped yet until they can give me a tracking number.

You've just heard the hardware equivelant of "the check's in the mail".
Yep, companies lie all the time. They straight up lie to thier customers. I've had a few recent incounters with that type of thing - they 'shipped' it but we were still able to cancel the order 7 days later (it hadn't shipped - plus we had to get the credit card co involved). Its all about them trying to keep your order/money, versus you going to someone else.

This kind of thing makes me explode - write them a letter and let them know that you aren't happy with thier business practices.

Sorry, I'm feeling grouchy... :mad:
Better than writing a letter that gets "file 13'd" just don't do business with the companies that do this on a consistent basis.

Most internet vendors have a pretty well established pattern that you can check easily. When you see someone like Abe's of Maine with 50 negative ratings for every 100 positive ones just don't order from them. I usually buy only from internet vendors having an established track record with few negative ratings and generally pay more. But have had very few horror stories with delivery.

Having said that I must admit that I did choose to order my Marantz projector through ********** before Kwon had any track record at all. His responses to my email questions were more prompt and courteous than most US based vendors and it just seemed worth the risk for the chance to get it at about half the price local dealers were asking. But I sure wouldn't have done it for even a 20% difference.
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