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Glow in the dark stars for ceiling?

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Hi all,

Hope I'll get faster respond here since I posted on the theater accessories forum and got no answer yet. My ceiling is painted black. I bough some glow in the dark stars sticker from Hobby Lobby and it does not work so well. Can someone recommend a place where I can get the REAL glow in the dark stars for my BLACK ceiling:( thanks
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I thought your post was pretty good because I thought of trying this as well but on a dark blue ceiling. I had some in the kids room at the old house but they did not seem to last that long although the fading out doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

My reason for wanting these was because the theme for my HT was going to be a drive-in movie theater to bring back those old high school memories .

Anyhow, I thought I would buy some from a few places then put them on painted cardboard and tack them to the ceiling to see how they each held up.

I just did a search on google.com using 'glow in the dark star sticker' and found this sight which states they will glow for up to an hour. I would take that somewhat to mean they are relatively bright or of some quality but could be just some marketing college kid putting that site together


Very interested to hear what you and others have to say about this.

Scott Fauque
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Hi Everyone,

Another thing you can do for a really spectacular result is install some "Black Lights" ( The UV type, not the burnt out type hi hi!!)

If you position these so the tubes or bulbs (depending on which type you get ) shine on the stars but not into your eyes or screen (although the low visible light levels they produce will not affect things to much).Maybe make some sort of lamp box or use available light fittings with shades.

The results will truly amaze you.....

The stuff they use to make those glow in the dark things , ie stars planets etc, React to the UV light and shine as if they were powered up!! and don't diminish until the UV source is shut down.

Give it a try. Bulbs can usually be found at lighting or electrical supplies shops, and are not expensive.


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i was going to go for somthing like this . after looking at the stars that are available i thought they may look a bit tacky

instead to get the feel of a star feild i got a pack of clear fake jems (like the ones you get in childrens rings) i used simple blue tack to stick them to the ceiling . when the pj or tv is in they look great . they pick up stray light and glint like real stars .

i think it is the next best thing to fiber optics inmyop (would have had them if i could aford)
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