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"Go ahead" for a plasma!!!

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I have the WAF on my side for a new plasma here after the first of the year. We are moving into a classic 1917 bungalow and had issues with where the "TV stuff" would go. I will be replacing my aged 27" JVC

I will have a dedicated theater room in the future, but for now it will be the kids playroom.

Anyway, I will be getting a setup of Gallo Micros to go along with the plasma. This is all really getting the "go ahead" because there is a "need" to ensure the TV stuff does not take over the room - including speakers

I figured I would save $3000 in a nice HDTV armoire (to hold the current 27" JVC in anticipation of a better TV in a year or so - wifes original plan) and put that toward a Panasonic PT42PD3P (Same as the TH42PWD5UY - ?)

The cool look of the thin (doesn't take the room of a huge armoire) TV plus the cool looking micros got the thumbs up.

Is the Panny the way to go? 42" is about all I want in the room. I will be hooking up DVD, XBOX, and Dish Direct Sattelite....

Will I be looking at any burn-in issues with this set under light to medium viewing and gaming with the XBOX?

Also, I hear the the higer resolutiuon Panny is actually WORSE image than the 480 model? If so, am I getting the right thing?

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You lucky bum!;) I'm working on the wife to get approval on the 42PWD5UY myself. She hasn't said no, just roles her eyes when I mention it. She does think they're pretty cool, she just can't justify the expense.
Yeah, I'm close too...basically had the go ahead, then she backed off a little bit....on the plus side, I'm replace a Sony 36XBR400 monster that dominates the room, so she's excited about going "thin"


congrats!!!!I have basically the same setup as the one you want(Check out pictures of my plasma ht,page 4 of plasmas...in members photos).I really like the gallo micro speakers.The one thing I would suggest is to get a gallo due' center speaker.The little micro is not that great for a center.The due' has a dedicated tweeter.It sounds incredible!Take a look at roundsound.com....anthony gallos website.Thers alot of good info there.Also I wouldn't worry about burn in too much.You just have to be alittle careful.Dont play xbox for 4 hours straight.Don't watch all 4:3 material(use zoom or stretch mode as much as possible)and use the anti burn in feature on the plasma after playing xbox,2.35dvds and 4:3 tv and you'll be fine. Good luck and welcome to the club!!!!BM
Thank you! It ultimately ended up as this: She gets her new cabinet depth Jenn-Aire stainless fridge.....so........


Finally an angle I could play!

(not to mention that the prices are getting VERY reasonable when you look at all the options (MASSIVE rear projections that = a "0" on the "cool factor")
Hey those pictures just got me an added WAF factor!!


I was wondering what the Gallo center channel cost? Also, are there any sites online that sell the Gallo spakers? I have had no luck so far.....
audiogon.com has some for sale.Do a gallo search.The center cost $600 retail,youcan probably get it for alot cheaper on audiogon.com or go to roundsound.com an do a dealer search. good luck bm

Just got the go ahead today from the wife....ordering the same display...


Did view the Panny SD & HD (42'') next to each other at a local Circuit City - and after adjusting and re-adjusting picture settings, all agreed that the SD set looked better (clearer, more natural flesh tones, blacker blacks, etc.)

Wonder if this comports with others who have viewed the two sets side by side?


Yes, it does. I did the exact "test" on tuesday at a local store (Magnolia HiFi) with a very helpful sales person. They had both sets side by side, displaying Barry Manilow (sp?) via HDNET....picture on both was outstanding, but even though the HD panel is technically better (on paper), the SD panel had the more vibrant picture and just "looked better".

My wife was questioning the purchase of the SD panel vs the HD panel on the basis of specs, so I had her take the "plasma challenge". Not knowing which panel was the SD/HD, I asked her which looked "better" to her (there was also a fujitsu, a pioneer, and a sony on the same wall...all with diff resolutions).

She picked the Panny SD as the most vibrant, realistic picture out of all of them....

Check please!

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Well I have one piece of the puzzle, as I acquired 4 micros and 4 of the "flower" stands yesterday.... I plan on getting the Due for a center, but $600 for that one speaker is a stretch right now... Ill use my JBL for the time bieng....
Batman -

I know you mentioned that you had tried the Micro as a center channel and went with the Due over it. I was wondering if the Micro would work as a center channel or if the difference in the Due is simply too big - making the Micro pale in comparison to all other center channels...

I as because I am getting the "wierd looks" when considering the Due for a total of 6 franklins..... the Micro may be my best option for the time being until I can save up a bit...

(The fact that we are in the process of moving into our "new" 1917 home and refinishing hardwood floors...painting....new appliances...etc is not helping in the $$$ department)

Anyway, just wanted your thought on if the Micro is "livable" as a center. It would surely look better than my massive, old scool JBL...
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I'm still getting a no from the wife.

She can get a $6000 deck & $2400 in furniture which we never use. The the TV which is used by both of us for 6+ hours everyday of the week, isn't worth more than $4000. Ugh!

I'm weighing the "I quit smoking" bargain. I quit, I can then get the TV. :D

Originally posted by CycloneGT

I'm weighing the "I quit smoking" bargain. I quit, I can then get the TV. :D

The best part of it is, you quit smoking and you'll have more years to enjoy your wife and your new plasma, which if you stick with the quit smoking scenario you'll get to enjoy all the other must have paper thin sets that will be coming out:cool:

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You henpecked husbands really take the cake. She can spend any amount on stuff you never use, but you can't buy anything without approval? Sounds like the husband in that CSI episode last week with Lady Heather.

You can use the micro as a center.Try it out and see if you like it.If you don't you can always upgrade to the due'.Personally I thought the difference was huge.The gallo due' has a dedicated tweetwer.Do a gallo search on the audio forum.Alot of people have the gallo's over there. good luck bm

Thanks! I think I will buy another Micro and give it a listen for a center. If anything I will likely end up with a Due (after a kitchen remodel later this spring) and then I could pick up another Micro and move them to the bedroom, etc!


Thanks! I just figured that if anything it will complete the look. I plan on getting it with the small table stand, and setting it just below the screen....:D
Ive heard the bargain/compromise before… luckily, HT parts for my “bachelor pad†require no pre-approval from anyone!
I had one micro in the center and found the center too weak. It dropped totally off on the Outer Limits. Sure I can change the center distance physically or electronically in the receiver on every station.. I opted for a second hidden shelf center - a demo micro I picked up. Now there is no problem (I never make an adjustment), it sounds good, and it meets my minimal space requirements! There probably is other solutions, but mine was easy.
"She can get a $6000 deck & $2400 in furniture which we never use. The the TV which is used by both of us for 6+ hours everyday of the week, isn't worth more than $4000. Ugh!"

Is there really anything on TV worth watching 6 hours a day? Come to think of it, is there anything on TV worth watching at all? I'm getting a PDP to watch movies on DVD, but since joining this forum have been perplexed at the number of heavy TV watchers out there, since all of the channels' (except PBS) supposed "content" seems really a ploy to get viewers to stay tuned for a few minutes in order to get the privilege of having SUVs and prescription drugs hawked at them using an old-fashioned pitch man/snake oil/hard sell approach.

Sorry if I'm coming across too negative, I don't mean to knock anyone's preferred form of entertainment but as I said I'm just a bit perplexed. Anyway, to each his own, and maybe I'm the one missing out!
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