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Godfather Set - Can't watch disc #5

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Purchased the Godfather Box set today from Best Buy. I can watch the three movies but on the fifth disc it won't play any of the added scenes, music, etc. It will play the trailers but that's it. My DVD player is not that old, a Toshiba SD2109. Maybe three or four years old.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure if Best Buy will give me a refund. It does say in very very small print on the back of the box that some players won't play the special features. This is the first disc that I have ever not been able to play added features.

Any thoughts?


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Try playing the disc in another player. Then you can see if it is the disc or the player that is the cause of the problem...
I bought another DVD player today at Best Buy. A Panasonic RV56. I also exchanged the Disc set. Before I disconnected my old player, I tried the new set. Still didn't work on disck 5. I then setup the new player and disc five DID work. So it was the player.

I now have another problem however. The progessive scan on this new player will not work. I'm sure that I have everything hooked up correctly, but when I hit progressive, it distorts the picture so that you can't view it. I have spent time on the phone with Panasonic, but they are going to have someone experienced with the progessive scan part of the machine call me back.

Anyone out there have this problem.

I have a KV-32FV26 Sony Vega TV. The DVD player is hooked up directly to the TV under input #4

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I don't think your TV can take a progressive scan signal. I'm not positive but I think your model is just a regular NTSC model that has an anamorphic mode not progressive scan.

I believe that only the XBR Sony Wega's are progressive scan capable.
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