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Okay, this is going to be a weird topic, my apologies ahead of time but heres the story...

I had an old XM Tuner when I was 16 it was a Pioneer with the remote control adapter. It had been at my parents house for years and my father told me he was going to throw it away, I had remembered that they used to have like 2-3 preview channels so I took it home to hook up to my stereo in the garage.

Low and behold it has every channel still going strong.

I have an Alpine head unit that has the AI-Net hook ups that you are supposed to use for a CD-Changer or Satellite adapter.

The output on the Pioneer XM Tuner is an IP-Bus though.

I'm pretty sure the answer is no (But I have to ask) if I was to go from AI-Net to RCA then from RCA to IP-Bus... that wouldn't work right??
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