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This is simple. What I want is:

AC3/DTS information to be passed through to the receiver.

Other formats to be output as-is, usually resulting in PCM stereo going over SPDIF.

I usually use DScaler5 (.008) but for some reason, it refuses to pass AC3/DTS any more. I try AC3Filter (1.11) and it won't pass anything that's NOT AC3/DTS.

I'm using ZoomPlayer configured with DScaler (video), AC3Filter/DScaler (take your pick, audio), FFDShow, and ReClock as the audio renderer.

Can someone please help me get set up? I prefer DScaler5 as it seems to use less CPU, but getting it to work at all would be great. I can provide further info as needed...I've examined the graph filter and all that...still getting nowhere.

I've had this working before. I think an install of AVI2DVD hosed me up, but that's since been uninstalled.

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