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Going out of my damn mind, help?

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I keep reading reading reading....... I even made a different post and got no response. I want a hdmi receiver for 99% movies, I've considered the h/k 247, onkyo 505 and 605. I don't plan on running the video thru the receiver to the tv, don't care about upscaling at all from the receiver. Just want one that can handle all of those video formats (that I know absolutely nothing about cause I'm new to this stuff), I don't want out of sync lips and stuff like that. I just want something simple for my bedroom to match my polk rti8's, polk csi3, h-100 and possibly some rti4's.
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Not looking for someone to tell me what to go with, but I'd like to know my options, even receivers I didn't list, it just has to fullfil the few needs I have. Personal experience appreciated.

I just purchased a Pioneer 92. It is a great receiver that has the new formats you desire. I replaced it with a Yamaha 1500. The Pioneer is just so much better. It took me awhile to purchase. I kept going back and forth between Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon. The Pioneer won out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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